Wrong Way Detectors Save More Lives Every Day

In the early morning hours of January 30, 2018, two men visiting Indianapolis from Chicago were killed on the Shadeland Avenue I-465 southbound ramp. They were driving a sedan and collided head-on with a box truck.

How did a head-on collision happen on an exit ramp?

Because the men were driving north on the southbound ramp. The driver of the box truck tried to avoid the northbound car, but was unable to swerve in time. According to the Federal Highway Administration, wrong way crashes account for between 300-400 deaths per year. Wrong way crashes have a much higher fatality rate than other types of crashes, up to 27 times higher than other high-speed crashes, as they are typically head-on collisions.

How could this, and so many other accidents like it have been avoided?

With a wrong way detection system. Wrong way detection systems have recently evolved a great deal from the standard issue “wrong way” signs posted periodically along the highway. For one thing, those signs only warned the wrong way driver that he or she was on the wrong side of the road. They did nothing to warn unsuspecting drivers who were heading in the right direction of the impending danger. Currently, there are some simple detection systems with warning signs that simply flash when a wrong way driver is detected.

The Intersector

However, there are more sophisticated three-zone systems that do much more than that. MS Sedco’s Intersector is an example of this type of three-zone system. The three-zone approach works as follows:

  • Zone One activates very bright, flashing warning signs to the wrong way driver.
  • Zone Two activates a video camera that records the license plate, as well as the make, model and color of the car.
  • Zone Three notifies 911, instantly relaying the license plate number of the car. At that point, 911 can activate traffic warning boards instructing drivers to pull over to the right.


Additionally, MS Sedco’s Intersector:

  • Is the only wrong way detector on the market that has sensors capable of both forward and reverse detection.
  • Is the only wrong way detector on the market that does not require ramp shut-down for testing, saving states and municipalities thousands of dollars over other systems that require ramps to be shut down for testing.
  • Features the only sensor that has speed bins on all of the individual zones, which allows the monitoring municipality to stop false calls, such as traffic backups or roadside work vehicles.
  • Features a car tracking system that assigns a number to the wrong way vehicle that is able to track if and when the vehicle is no longer a threat.

The Intersector has tested at 99.5% accuracy over six months of testing in Tampa, Florida and Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information about MS Sedco’s Intersector wrong way detector, visit MSSedco.com or call 317-842-2545.

About MS Sedco:

MS Sedco is a family-owned, Indianapolis-based company that produces motion and presence sensors and electromechanical activation switch products for automatic door control, pedestrian and traffic detection and event monitoring. For over 35 years, MS Sedco products have assisted in opening tens of thousands of doors worldwide and engineering motion to make traffic safer.

For more information, visit our website or call us at 317-842-2545.