WHAT’S NEW: October 2015

ClearPath™ Spectrum Series: Radio Control ProductsS-COR_0161 (1)

The ClearPath™ Spectrum series is our new generation of radio control products. The new S-COR Spectrum Coordinator functions much like a traditional wireless system receiver, while the S-TRX Spectrum transceiver acts as a traditional transmitter. This is where the similarities end.

All ClearPath Spectrum products feature 2.4 GHz digital two-way communication which provides increased security and more reliable signal transmission between devices.

  • S-COR features a user friendly LCD screen that allows quick and easy programming.
  • Pairing feature allows programming of multiple receivers with coordinator.
  • Pairing also allows users to define transceiver location.
  • S-TRX transmits valuable information to the S-COR that is displayed on the LCD screen. Information includes Device ID, signal strength, and battery power monitoring.


ptm_and_ptm_kitCommander™ PTM Privacy Timing Module

The PTM is a timing module that allows users to control an automatic door operator for a room where privacy is a concern.

  • Ideal for washrooms, restrooms, clean rooms or photo development rooms
  • From OUTSIDE the room, users are able to activate the door.
  • Once INSIDE, users can lock the door preventing access from the outside “Push to Open” button.
  • When ready to leave the room, the user pushes the “Push to Open” button which deactivates the lock and activates the door.
  • A Keyswitch Override is on the exterior.
  • LEDs indicate if the room is occupied!
  • Fully Programmable.
  • Available as PTM-Kit that includes PTM module and all push plates.



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