WHAT’S NEW: November 2015

NexGen Series Actuators

NexGen both

NG-IR-A                      NG-CT-HSS

NexGen actuators are the “next generation” of automatic door activation switches. Available in both 
“Touch” and “Touchless” options, the NexGen activation switches combine the latest advances in
capacitive and infrared sensing technologies with durable composite plastics, allowing us to create
actuators that are both stylish and tough. NexGen activation switches are extremely thin and utilize no
moving parts. The 4” faceplate is bordered by a clear, bezel edge that illuminates upon activation.
► NexGen switches provide ADA compliant operation
► Overall Dimensions: 4 ½”x 4 ½” x ¾”
► 4 wire connection standard
► 2 wire connection available by adding 2W-Module
► Clear bezel illuminates upon activation

BRM Bridge Rectifier Module

Bridge Rectifier_0544b


The BRM is a bridge rectifier module that can be used to convert AC voltage to DC
voltage for a variety of applications.
► 4 wire configuration. 2 wire AC input, 2 wire DC output
► Listing: UL recognized component






RIM Relay Isolation Module



The RIM is a relay isolation module that can be used in applications that could damage
input or output connections on sensors, timing modules, or other low voltage devices. The
relay on the RIM is rated to handle higher current that might be used for locks, alarms, or
other electronic devices that exceed the ratings of standard relays.
► Terminal Block Simplifies Wiring
► Listing: UL Recognized Component 




RCM Relay Conversion Module



The RCM is a conversion module that will allow a single input signal to operate two discrete outputs. Application examples might include using a single actuator switch, such as our 830-A key-switch, to illuminate an indicator light and unlock a door simultaneously.
► Accepts Normally Open or Normally Closed inputs
► Output relay contacts rated at 30V DC, 1A






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