TCPS Isolation Modules

The TCPS Isolation Modules are used to interface MS SEDCO’s vehicle and pedestrian sensors with traffic control computers and protect the sensors from potential damage caused by power problems inherent to intersections.

The TCPS-170 and TCPS-NEMA are “card” style devices that simply plug into the rack of their respective cabinets while the TCPS-IRM connects via wiring to a terminal block.

  • Tcps isolation modules provide both ac power output & surge protection
  • Interface ms sedco sensors with traffic computers
  • Tcps-170 powers up to two sensors (for use with 170, 179 and 2070 type controllers)
  • Tcps-nema powers up to two sensors(for use with nema rack type controllers)
  • Tcps-irm powers a single sensor (for use with nema shelf type or custom controllers)