TC26-B Microwave Vehicle Motion Sensor

The TC26-B is designed to detect the motion of a vehicle and then trigger the operation of a traffic controller. Based on microwave technology, the TC26-B is not affected by temperature, humidity, color or background noise variations. It easily mounts above ground, requires no pavement cuts and can be installed with minimal or no traffic disruption. No proprietary setup devices or software are required. All changes are made via the external adjustment panel on the device. The TC26-B will only respond to motion in one direction (approach-only or depart-only selectable) making it ideal for vehicular detection at intersections.

  • Long range vehicle sensor (up to 200′ for cars, 350′ for large vehicles)
  • Covers single or multiple lanes
  • Directional scanning (select approach-only or depart-only)
  • External adjustment panel and connector (easy adjustment of all parameters)
  • External indicator led (eases drive-test confirmation)
  • Installs easily above ground