SmartWalk™ XP Series Trail & Crosswalk Presence Sensors

The SmartWalk XP is the first microwave sensor specifically designed to provide short-range pedestrian presence detection in the targeted curbside area of a crosswalk or roadside at a trail crossing making it an excellent alternative to manual push buttons that require human interaction. It’s sophisticated software reduces the chance of false activations from nearby moving traffic.

The SmartWalk XP-S includes all of the features of the XP plus low power requirements making it ideal for solar applications.

  • Enhance manual pedestrian push buttons with automated hands-free pedestrian signal or warning light activation
  • Ignores stationary vehicles while still detecting the presence of pedestrians
  • Software minimizes false activations from nearby moving traffic
  • Microwave reliability (up to 22′)
  • Low power requirements—ideal in solar applications)
  • Installs and aligns in minutes