The INTERSECTOR HUB is the primary interface between the Intersector SDLC radar and the traffic cabinet. Features include…
• A common interface and power for up to 6 Intersector™ SDLC sensors
• An SDLC bus interface that eliminates the need for a detector rack, external power supply, and TCIB cards
• Up to 32 detection zones per Intersector
• Up to 64 SDLC outputs to the traffic controller
• Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN connectivity
• Intersector HUB Portal serves as a graphical user-interface (GUI) to facilitate ease of setup
• Ability to setup configurations that can be copied to other Intersectors
• Fail-Safe performance for pre-defined conditions
• Patent-pending technology

The HUB continually reads phase information thus allowing it to lock any call on red and clear any call on green when the vehicle is going 0 MPH. This improves performance in detection metrics for hung calls and dropped calls.
If something happens and the HUB cannot read phase information, it will hold a stopped vehicle for a pre-configured amount time.

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