Intersector 1.9U Software Updates Webinar

During our recent webinar, we discussed the software update 1.9U to our Intersector Traffic Sensor. If you didn’t get a chance to attend our webinar we wanted to give you a quick review of all the changes that we discussed during our webinar.

We first launched our Intersector Traffic Sensor in the fall of 2009, and it was the first of its kind to use a web browser for the user interface. The Intersector is a 24 GHz Vehicle Detection Radar with seven unique RF channels. It can control up to eight opto-outputs in the Traffic Cabinet via its TCIB cards.

The five main features that have changed in the 1.9U software include:

  1. Rain Failsafe: The Intersector continually calculates and updates the Rain Intensity Factor on the Zone Settings Page. It is continuously comparing it to the Rain Counter Threshold. If it is below that threshold, it is going to operate precisely what you’re used to the Intersector operation. If it exceeds it, then your Failsafe mode enables and all outputs go into a recall.
  2. Automated OZP: This new feature will set your OZP in the zone to what the remaining delay before max is for the last vehicle.
  3. Zone Clear: With the Zone Clear feature, users can set the automatic timing for clearing hung vehicles as traffic begins to move. The two adjustable settings are a Set Clear Time and a Clear Speed.
  4. Save and Load Data: The Save and Load Data feature allows the user to save and load from the Setup and Zone Settings Page. The feature will take whatever configuration that is currently on the Interceptor on the setup page and zone settings page and store them into a text file.
  5. Bicycle Classification Sensitivity: The Intersector may be more likely to classify cars as bicycle traffic incorrectly, and this feature allows the user to customize how sensitive the Intersector is for detecting vehicles as either bikes or cars.

If you would like to watch our webinar with more information regarding the software update, you can watch the video here. We also suggest that you take a look for more detailed information about each feature in our Intersector Software Addendum 1.9U Details sheet.