SmartWalk™ from MS Sedco

The SmartWalk product family consists of three microwave sensors. While each sensor may look the same on the outside, the individual electronic circuitry and software programming has been designed to create unique sensors that are especially suited for their intended applications.



SmartWalk™ TX

SmartWalk-TX_8472bTrail Motion Sensor

The newest member of the family will automatically activate flashing warning lights at trail crossings as trail users approach from up to 60 feet away.

  • Specifically designed for trail crossing applications
  • Reliably detect bicyclists, skaters, runners and walkers
  • Low power requirements—ideal for solar applications
  • Increase the effectiveness of warning lights by only activating them when trail users are present
  • Installs and aligns in minutes


SmartWalk™ XP

SmartWalk-XP_8516bTrail and Crosswalk Presence Sensor

Replace manual pedestrian push buttons with automated hands-free pedestrian signal or warning light activation.

  • Specifically designed to provide pedestrian presence detection in the targeted curbside area of a crosswalk or roadside at a trail crossing
  • Ignores stationary vehicles while still detecting pedestrians
  • Software minimizes false activations from nearby moving traffic
  • Low power requirements—ideal in solar applications
  • Installs and aligns in minutes


SmartWalk™ XM

SmartWalk-XM_8519bCrosswalk Motion Sensor

  • Protect pedestrians in the crosswalk with occupancy detection and automated pedestrian call time extension.
  • Specifically designed for crosswalk occupancy applications
  • Monitor the end of the crosswalk cycle and allow for extension of pedestrian clearance timer while a pedestrian is still in the curbside lane of a crosswalk
  • Software minimizes false activations from vehicular traffic
  • Install and align in minutes