The Secondary Activation Module

The Secondary Activation Module (SAM) is a door product that is used in situations where a secure door and limited access is necessary. The SAM connects to a knowing act device, such as a push plate switch, an approach sensor, and a presence sensor, to control the traffic of the secure door. The push plate will initially activate the door. The approach sensor mounted above the door, which is only active while the door is open or in its closing cycle, provides the secondary activation for the door. Once the door is activated, the approach sensor will detect motion as traffic continues toward the door and will continue to keep the door open. The presence sensor above the swing side of the door will prevent the door from initially opening or closing when someone is in the path of the door.  

One common use for the SAM might be an emergency room setting. The push plate would be located at the reception desk area, so the attendant can activate the push plate to open the secure door. Once the door is open, patients and other traffic can proceed to the secured area for treatment. If several gurneys or conveyances are admitted, the approach sensor will continue to activate the door. The SAM could also be used in conference or convention areas where offering access to larger crowds is necessary. Secondary activation would allow the large group to file through and the door to remain open as long as there is traffic.

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