The Relay Lockout Module

The Relay Lockout Module (RLM) has a very specific purpose for use with automatic swinging doors. The RLM interacts with an overhead presence sensor, mounted on the swing side of the door, to keep the sensor from detecting the door while it is in motion. The RLM also monitors inputs from the approach sensor or any other safety devices, such as beams, to ensure proper operation of the swinging door system.

The RLM uses Intelligent Door Position technology to monitor the motor of the door operator to identify a swinging doors’ open and closed position and determine its closing time. Using this information, the RLM determines the proper times to inhibit the overhead presence sensor.

Some newer operators have built-in lockout relays already, but if an older operator does not, it is necessary to use an external relay lockout to control overhead safety sensors properly. The RLM is easy to connect and can be used with most of the safety sensors on the market today. If an older operator does not include a safety circuit, the RLM can be used as an economical alternative to replacing the entire door control.  

Ordering the product as the RLM-Kit includes the RLM module, along with a set of safety beams that can be used to provide additional protection while the overhead sensor is locked out.

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