How the Push Plate Actuator Helps Those in Need

Reaper in harnessADA compliant push plate actuators aren’t just for people. Service Animals, such as dogs, are specially trained to perform tasks for persons with disabilities. Many agencies nationwide have contacted MS Sedco in the past few years to assist in the training process for service dogs.

In 2014, Mid-Atlantic Automatic Door, a distributor of our products, asked if MS Sedco would be interested in donating some push plate actuators to Main Line Deputy Dog, Inc. of Frazer, PA for use in the training of service animals. We gladly jumped at the opportunity to assist such a noble cause, and were rewarded with a video of one such service dog, Virgil, that can be seen below. Since then, we have donated actuator switches to other companies, such as New Hope Assistance Dogs, Inc. in Warren, PA, for similar training.

In late February of 2016, we were contacted by an individual named Peggy, who was in the process of working with an ADA trainer and a new service dog. Her new dog Reaper was unfamiliar with ADA push plate actuators. Reaper had just turned two years old and had already shown great progress as a service dog, but Peggy inquired if we could provide an actual push plate actuator, so that Reaper could practice. According to Peggy, the push plate actuator was a big success with Reaper, even before it was fully installed on a wall. When the actuator arrived, Peggy set the box on the floor, gave the “Paw” command, and Reaper pushed the switch plate. Peggy was thrilled with the donation, and encouraged us to include a picture of Reaper to this story.