Performing Multiple Tasks with a Single Switch

Sometimes it’s necessary for a single push plate, key switch, or touchless actuator to perform more than one task. Most installations only require the actuator to activate an automatic door. In some cases, however, the actuator can be used to perform multiple tasks, such as powering an indicator light, triggering an alarm, or disabling a lock, while also activating the door control.

Most actuators feature a single set of contacts, since they are designed to connect to a transmitter, or directly to the door operator. Some actuators do not feature a mechanical contact, but rely on a wiring harness for connection. There are several ways to perform the additional tasks that may be required, depending on the type of actuator, and the timing that the tasks should occur.

All of our push plate actuators can be ordered with a DPDT option. DPDT stands for Double Pole Double Throw, which is a type of switch that provides a second set of contacts. These two sets of contacts can be used to perform two tasks simultaneously, such as powering an indicator light and activating the door, or sounding a buzzer and activating the door. This option is mostly used in hardwired applications.

TDM Time Delay Module

TDM Low Res Our TDM Time Delay Module can be used to allow specialized timing of two tasks. The TDM is typically used when the two tasks require sequencing (one task followed by the other), or when one or both tasks needs to last for an extended duration, such as disabling a lock for 15 seconds, while the door activates. The TDM option can be used with both hardwired, and wireless applications.


RCM Relay Conversion Module


Our RCM Relay Conversion Module is the latest product designed to allow multiple tasks using the single input of an activation device. The RCM will perform two tasks simultaneously, similar to the DPDT option, but is commonly used with actuators that do not have mechanical contacts. The RCM can be connected to products such as the NexGen actuators, 830 series key switches, or an activation sensor such as our microStar-m.

If you have an application that requires an actuator to perform multiple tasks, please contact us for additional information on any of these products at 317-842-2545 or fill out our Contact Form now on our website.