We’re all settled into our new space!

MS Sedco has recently moved its facility from to 8701 Castle Park Drive to 7898 Zionsville Road. The new facility is a 42,500 square-foot building that more than doubles our former facility’s space with ample room to grow.

“We’re very excited about the growth potential that our new space allows in staff, production capabilities, quality control and customer service,” said Will Gudgel, owner and CEO.

The move creates multiple ways for MS Sedco to expand and improve service:

Office space

More office space will allow MS Sedco to add employees as the business grows, in order fulfillment and technical support for both traffic and door products.

Technical and engineering space

More technical and engineering space will allow MS Sedco to develop new products based on customer demand and industry innovations, such as the NexGen CT Series and the NexGen IR Touchless Series. Ample space for testing  ensures that all products meet MS Sedco’s stringent quality standards.

Equipment, production and warehouse space

More production space will allow MS Sedco to manufacture more products in-house. With the addition of a custom printer, MS Sedco is now able to produce custom faceplate graphics for door activation switches in-house. The larger warehouse space holds more inventory for quicker order fulfillment while the expanded lab and testing area will result in even better quality control. Other expansion opportunities are also being considered. 


About MS Sedco

MS Sedco is a family-owned, Indianapolis-based company that produces motion and presence sensors and electromechanical activation switch products for automatic door control, pedestrian and traffic detection and event monitoring. For over 35 years, MS Sedco products have assisted in opening tens of thousands of doors worldwide and making traffic safer. You can reach them at 317-842-2545, or via email at [email protected]