MS Sedco works with MnDOT to make Minnesota roads safer for cyclists wrote an excellent article this week about MS Sedco partnering with MnDOT and the city of Northfield to help make the roads safer for cyclists. MS Sedco donated an INTERSECTOR™  Microwave Motion And Presence Sensor to the city of Northfield to assist with cycle safety. MnDOT is using Northfield as a test to implement more of these safety measures throughout the state.

The INTERSECTOR™ was a perfect solution for MnDOT, as it has proven to be for many of our other customers. MnDOT had previously attempted to detect cyclists by increasing the sensitivity of the existing loop sensors. As many others have found, that does not produce reliable results. Using the existing sensors in this manner did not provide reliable results for cyclist detection, and was detrimental to standard traffic detection.

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