INTERSECTOR™ TC-CK1-SBE Installation Made Easy with Online Video Training Series


Creating walkable and bikeable communities has become a high priority for municipalities over the last decade. Multi-use paths are a great option for cyclists who use their bikes for fun and recreation. However, creating a safe environment for INTERSECTOR TC-CK1-SBEthose who choose to use their bikes for transportation continues to present a challenge. Even with a dedicated bike lane, cyclists are required to follow the rules and traffic signals that apply to vehicles, but often face the issue of not being able to trigger the traffic sensor at intersections because it’s only capable of detecting vehicles.

The  INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor by MS Sedco alleviates that issue by creating bicycle-only detection zones in addition to standard vehicle detection. Because of the popularity of the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE), MS Sedco has created an online video training course for installers to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency of installation. Installers who complete the course will receive two hours of continuing education credit.

The training is broken down into eleven video modules, so that attendees can complete them at their own pace. The modules will cover:

  1. Mounting and Location: This module discusses the importance mounting the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor at the proper height and distance from the needed detection zone. Upon request, MS Sedco will prepare an intersection pre-analysis of the intersection and create a layout of the installation location for all approaches.
  2. Installation: This module covers the importance of creating the correct cable connections for the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor, as well as how to attach the cable to the sensor and insert the TCIB into the detector rack.
  3. Setup and Programming: In this module, installers learn how to set up a laptop to the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor programming page and how to create the the program settings.
  4. Programming Zone Settings: This module continues the programming instruction, including how to set the zone data, internal clock and rain counter of the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE motion and presence sensor.
  5. Programming the TCIB Cards: This module discusses programming of the TCIB interface card, which is a special circuit board designed to allow the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor to communicate with the control cabinet.
  6. Offset Angle Setup: In this module, installers learn how to manage the offset angle settings of the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor.
  7. Creating Stop Bar Detection Zones: This module teaches installers how to set up stop bar detection zones for the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor.
  8. Creating Dilemma Detection Zones: The dilemma zone is the portion of the roadway in advance of the intersection in which the driver is indecisive about stopping or proceeding through the intersection. This module teaches installers how to calculate the dilemma zone for a particular intersection and configure that data in the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor.
  9. Creating Advance Detection Zones: An advance detection zone ensures that the last vehicle and those traveling below the speed limit are not trapped in the dilemma zone. This module covers the calculation of the advance detection zone and how to set that data in the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor.
  10. Creating Bicycle Detection Zones: This module covers the creation of bicycle-only detection zones. The INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor allows cyclists to call a green signal at an intersection. This can help deter the running of red lights and other unsafe behaviors by reducing the delay for bicyclists at signalized intersections.
  11. Auxiliary Equipment: This module cover the auxiliary equipment for the INTERSECTOR™ (TC-CK1-SBE) motion and presence sensor, including: the TCIB card cage single slot rack, external power supply installation and the ethernet cable extender assembly and removal.

The training can be accessed by visiting, where users can easily create a username and password and access the training.

MS Sedco is committed to providing our distributors and installers with the tools they need to make MS Sedco products work for their business.

About MS Sedco

MS Sedco is a family-owned, Indianapolis-based company that produces motion and presence sensors and electromechanical activation switch products for automatic door control, pedestrian and traffic detection and event monitoring.

MS Sedco is an industry leader in both the traffic and door industries. Their NexGen Wireless Series of both capacitive touch and touchless door actuators are germ-free and feature the latest advances in infrared sensing technology. Their INTERSECTOR™ Series of motion and presence traffic sensors offers cutting edge technology as well.

For over 35 years, MS Sedco products have assisted in opening tens of thousands of doors worldwide and engineering motion to make traffic safer. For more information, contact MS Sedco.