Intersector Software Changes

The Intersector Microwave Motion and Presence Sensor is a microwave-based motion and presence sensor used for intersection control. The unit interfaces with a traffic-control cabinet, and outputs signals when vehicles are present in a user-defined zones. The sensor has recently gone through a change to its 1.9U software.  

Five key features have changes in the 1.9U software, and they include:

  • Rain Failsafe
  • Automated Occlusion Zone Protection (OZP)
  • Zone Clear Feature
  • Save and Load Zone Data
  • Bicycle Classification Sensitivity

Rain Failsafe

A Rain Intensity Factor is calculated by counting the number of raindrops detected within the first 10 feet of the radar’s view and measuring the size of the drops. If Rain Intensity Factor exceeds the Rain Counter Threshold, the Intersector will go into a recall. This will continue until the Rain Intensity Factor has dropped below the Rain Counter Threshold.

Automated Occlusion Zone Protection (OZP)

In the new version of the Intersector software, the user can change how stopped or occluded vehicles are processed. By clearing the Occlusion Zone Protection (OZP) value if an OZP event happens (vehicle is occluded) to the last vehicle in a zone, the remaining time on the Delay Before Max timer for the vehicle is assigned to OZP. The vehicle is then held at its last position until time expires, or the vehicle begins moving again.

Zone Clear Feature

The new Zone Clear feature allows the user to set the automatic timing for clearing hung vehicles as traffic begins to move. The Intersector will track vehicles as they start to leave the detection zones. Once a vehicle has moved 10 feet past the front edge of the zone, the value in the “Set Clear Time” field will begin counting down.

Save and Load Zone Data

The Save and Load Zone Data feature allows the user the ability to store and retrieve setup and Zone setting data. When the Save Zone Data button is selected, a file containing the current values from the Setup and Zone Settings pages will be downloaded to the computer. Selecting Load Zone Data will allow the user to navigate to a location that contains previous save files, using the browser window that appears.

Bicycle Classification Sensitivity

The Bike Classification Sensitivity adjustment allows the user to customize how sensitive the Intersector is for detecting vehicles as either bikes or cars. In some installations, the Intersector may be more likely to incorrectly classify cars as bicycle traffic, or vice versa. If that is the case, adjustments can be made accordingly.

Recently, the Intersector Microwave Motion and Presence Sensor was approved to be used in the California Department of Transportation projects. We are grateful for the opportunity to have the product evaluated by the department and are looking forward to the Intersector being added to projects throughout the state of California.

If you have any questions about the 1.9U software, please contact us at any time.