ID20 Industrial Motion Sensor

The ID20 Industrial Motion Sensor can be used in situations when detection of small vehicle traffic or some pedestrian traffic is needed. The ID20 is a medium range motion sensor commonly used to activate automatic industrial doors. It is designed to use in environments such as warehouses or manufacturing settings to detect small vehicle traffic, such as forklifts.

The ID20 is also capable of detecting pedestrian traffic at shorter ranges. The product might be used in a loading dock situation where small vehicle traffic, such as forklifts, and pedestrian traffic occur at the same time.

The product is typically mounted between 12 to 20 feet in height and tilted downward at an angle of 16 degrees. The downward tilt can be increased to a more severe angle if you need a more shallow type of detection. The detection range is adjustable to 60 feet for small vehicle traffic and 20 to 25 feet for pedestrian traffic. The unit adjustments include a slide switch to choose between approaching and departing traffic, and a potentiometer to adjust detection range.

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