TDM Universal Time Delay Module

The TDM is an advanced time delay module, allowing the installer to use only one time delay for any automatic door operation, electrically or magnetically locked doors or vestibule sequencing applications.

The TDM takes one to four inputs and converts them to sequential relay outputs.

Used as a make/break relay, the TDM eliminates mechanical binding of the locking mechanism on an automatic door. The make relay can be configured as a wet output to directly apply power to an electric locking device.
Used to sequence vestibule sets of doors, the TDM provides an initial relay output for the first door, a delay between outputs 1 and 2 and another output for the second door. The TDM also provides a delay between outputs 2 and 1, allowing you to sequence your vestibule in both directions with only one TDM. Each delay is adjustable from 0.0 to 99 seconds.tdm_logo

  • May be used as make/break relay, sequencer or any other application where time delay is needed
  • Wet output function
  • Pushbutton fault indicator (diagnostics)
  • Preprogrammable to save time on installation