TDM-HC High Current Universal Time Delay Module

The TDM-HC is an advanced time delay module, allowing the installer to use only one time delay for any automatic door operation, electrically or magnetically locked doors or vestibule sequencing applications.

The TDM-HC takes one to four inputs and converts them to sequential relay outputs.

Used as a make/break relay, the TDM-HC eliminates mechanical binding of the locking mechanism on an automatic door.

The first output of the TDM-HC has a capacity of 20 amps, making it compatible with every electronic locking device, including electric-latch-retraction exit device.tdm-hc_logo

  • May be used as make/break relay, sequencer or any other application where time delay is needed
  • Pushbutton fault indicator (diagnostics)
  • Preprogrammable to save time on installation