SafePath™ SSS-5 Swing Door Mounted Presence Sensor

The SafePath SSS-5 is a door mounted presence sensor designed to provide safety protection for any swing, bi-fold, revolving and low energy automatic doors. On swing doors, while the door is opening, the SSS-5 will sense and protect a person in it’s path and either slow or stop the door. When the door is closing, the SSS-5 will sense a person in it’s path and reopen the door.

The SSS-5 combines the most reliable active infrared technology available with Position Sensitive Detection (PSD) technology found in auto focus cameras to ensure precise pedestrian detection
within the path of a moving door panel.

The SSS-5 mounts on either side or both sides of a door panel depending upon the application. They can also be used to stand alone or in conjunction with other sensors for complete swing door

  • Provides pedestrian safety protection within the path of moving swing, bi-fold and revolving doors
  • Combines active infrared and auto focus position sensitive detection (PSD) technologies for precise and reliable detection.
  • Mounts at top of door to eliminate potential damage from shopping carts and hospital beds
  • SSS-5M1  and -5L1 models are appropriate for a variety of applications
  • Work with any manufacturers automatic door operator
  • Adjustable detection angle, distance and width