PTM Privacy Timing Module

The PTM is a timing module that allows users to control an automatic door operator for a room where privacy is a concern, such as a washroom, restroom, clean room, or photo development room. From the outside of the room, users are able to activate the door. Once inside, users are able to lock the door which prevents access from the outside “push to open” button. When egress is desired, the user presses an inside “push to open” button which deactivates the lock and activates the door. A keyswitch override is present on the exterior, as well as LEDs to indicate if the room is occupied. Green indicates available while red indicates occupied.

The delay time between deactivating the lock and activating the door, as well as the “on time” for door activation are fully programmable.ptm_logo

  • Allows users to control automatic door operator for room where privacy is a concern
  • Ideal for washrooms, restrooms, clean rooms, or photo development rooms
  • Available individually or as ptm-kit that includes ptm module and all pushplates