NexGen Wireless Capacitive Touch Actuator Switch: NGS-CT-HSS

Now available with braille!
The NexGen Capacitive Touch actuator is the next generation of automatic door activation switch. The NexGen CT combines the latest advances in capacitive sensing technology with durable composite plastics, to create an actuator that is both stylish and tough. NexGen switches are extremely thin and utilize no moving parts. The 4” faceplate is bordered by a clear bezel edge that illuminates upon activation. Their hands free operation makes them ideal for ADA applications. Other applications include clean-room access points, request-to-exit devices, and point-of-purchase displays.

The NexGen wireless door activators are controlled by our state-of-the-art S-COR coordinator which allows for superior operation in a smaller unit. Our ClearPath Spectrum transceiver paired with our S-COR coordinator creates powerful 2.4 GHz digital two-way communication, resulting in seamless door activation. It also features an LCD screen for quick and easy programming.

  • ADA compliant operation
  • Microprocessor-controlled capacitive touch illuminates green upon activation
  • Built-in transceiver compatible with ClearPath Spectrum Series S-COR Coordinator
  • No moving parts to replace or repair
  • Minimum five-year battery life