DB11 Recess Mount Safety Beam

The DB11 is a self-contained recess mount active infrared safety beam system for use on any automatic door.

When the infrared beam is interrupted, the DB11’s relay output signals an automatic sliding door control to open or reverse when closing. The DB11 can be recess mounted into tubular guide rails on pedestrian swing doors. When the door is closing and the overhead safety sensor is locked out, interrupting the DB11 beam will bring this sensor protecting the swing side of the door back into the safety circuit thus inhibiting the door from reopening. This is now a requirement of ANSI A156.10 2005.

In the event of a power loss to the DB11, the relay changes state (failsafe).

  • Recessed (flush) mounting
  • Pulsed infrared beam ranges up to 40 feet
  • Form c relay (n.O. Or n.C.)
  • Built-in variable time delay (0.5 to 15 seconds)
  • Molex connectors provided for easy wiring
  • 12 to 24v ac or dc operation
  • Meet compliance with ansi a156.10

Additional Resources

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