ClearPath™ Spectrum Wireless Radio Control System

ClearPath Spectrum products operate at 2.4 GHz, making the wave length more than 5 times shorter than commonly-used frequencies. Shorter waves pass through cracks and barriers easier, and transceivers will continue to attempt to contact the Coordinator until it receives an acknowledgement.

The ClearPath™ transmitters share the same printed circuit board (PCB), come prewired and installed with a battery in a mounting box and feature the above MS SEDCO exclusive advantages.

The ClearPath™ Spectrum Radio Control Door Activation System provides the most reliable wireless activation of automatic doors available. The Spectrum Wireless System provides several industry firsts:

  • Digital two-way communication allows for greater security and ensures successful signal transmission between devices.
  • LCD screen (S-COR) for quick and easy programming.
  • Upon switch activation, the Transceivers communicate valuable information that is displayed on the LCD screen including: device ID, signal strength and battery monitoring.
  • Pairing of multiple Transceivers with Coordinators.
  • Two built-in outputs (S-COR).
  • 3 year battery life (S-TRX).