ClearPath™ Radio Control Receivers

The ClearPath™ Radio Control Door Activation System provides the most reliable wireless activation of automatic doors available. To accomplish this, the ClearPath™ product line features several advances, the most important of which is three selectable frequencies built into each product: HDRC™, 300 MHz and 390 MHz.

High Definition Radio Control™ (HDRC™) is the latest breakthrough in radio frequency (RF) signal transmission from MS SEDCO. Unlike conventional RF systems in use today, HDRC™ uses sophisticated componentry that transmits a fixed frequency signal that will not distort due to outside interference. The fixed signal is then transmitted through a proprietary electronic “filter” in the receiver ensuring door activation occurs. For added versatility, each ClearPath™ device also includes the two most widely used conventional frequencies, 300 MHz and 390 MHz. A simple slide of a switch allows the ClearPath™ product line to be used interchangeably with all past MS SEDCO products and other manufacturers products that operate at these frequencies.

The ClearPath™ transmitters share the same printed circuit board (PCB), come prewired and installed with a battery in a mounting box and feature the above MS SEDCO exclusive advantages.

  • Clearpath™ radio control switches with hdrc™ solve problems caused by interference and stray signals—and are guaranteed to work where others won’t
  • Clearpath™ products are fcc licensed and compatible with previous ms sedco devices as well as with the products of many other manufacturers
  • 5 programming modes:
    • Mode 1: standard receiver
    • Mode 2: receiver with adjustable time delay (5, 10, 15, 20 seconds)
    • Mode 3*: dual channel receiver
    • Mode 4*: receiver with sequenced outputs
    • Mode 5**: receiver with ratchet relay
    • *both modes 3 and 4 require the cp/rxm. This module plugs directly onto the cp/rx main circuit board and provides a second output.
    • **mode 5 requires the cp/rxr. This module plugs directly onto the cp/rx main circuit board and provides the ratchet relay feature.
  • Compact size (4″l x 2″w x 1″h)