608 & 628 Series Heavy Duty Push Plate Switch Bollards

The 608 & 628 Series switch bollards are designed to provide a free standing self-contained door activation device that can be installed at any location. The 628 features a second switch with a centerline 7.5” above the floor in compliance with the 2007 California Building Code.

Attractive yet built to withstand the toughest conditions, the 608 & 628 Series bollards are made of 5″ square tubular steel with 1/8″ thick walls. The durable LongLife™ finish protects against rust and consists of two coats: a zinc rich base coat on all surfaces and an industrial grade exterior powder coat finish. The integral plastic cap allows superior wireless signal range.

The 608 & 628 Series bollards can be ordered with or without the switch installed and equipped for either hardwired or wireless operation.

  • Recessed switch mounting for added weather protection
  • 5″ square steel 1/8″ wall thickness
  • Formed plastic cap with integral transmitter (optional) for wireless operation
  • Interchangeable surface and inground mounting shoes
  • Durable longlife™ powder coated finish in gray or dark bronze
  • Surface exterior mounting plate available