216TX Series Infrared Wireless Touchless Switch

The 216TX Series wireless touchless switches are infrared devices designed to activate full and low energy automatic doors. The wireless transmitter offers the added benefit of easy installation, requiring no wiring to the switch.

The hands-free operation of the 216TX makes them ideal for ADA applications and locations where hygiene is important such as restrooms, health care facilities or cleanrooms. The 216TX is microprocessor controlled, allowing for superior operation in a smaller unit.

  • Ada compliant hands-free, germ-free operation
  • Microprocessor-controlled active infrared
  • Digital circuit design
  • Wireless transmitter features clearpath™ technology with three user-selectable frequency settings (300 mhz, 390 mhz, hdrc™)
  • Fcc licenses for all three frequency settings
  • Signallock™ guarantees signal transmission when presence is detected
  • Integrated signal radiating antenna boosts signal strength
  • Compatible with most 300 mhz, 390 mhz and clearpath™ cp/tx receivers.