216-RK Retrofit Kit for Converting Mechanical Actuators to Touchless

The 216-RK is a retrofit kit designed to allow the use of the 216 “Touchless” switches as a replacement for existing push-plate switches, without the need for additional wiring.

Upgrading standard automatic door actuators to touchless switches has traditionally been an arduous process. Past touchless switches have required four  wires – two for power and two for activation, while mechanical switches only require two activation wires. Therefore, upgrading to touchless switches has
required costly wire runs.

The 216-RK contains a new version of the 216 touchless switch designed to operate off of two wires only, and a module placed in the header. Two switches (one of each side of the door) wire to this module, along with a power source (12-24 V AC or DC) and an activation output.

Hands-free operation makes this kits ideal for handicap accessibility and Knowing Act Doors. Other applications include bathroom door and clean room door activation where a sterile environment is needed.

  • Easy, inexpensive way to upgrade existing hardwired mechanical actuators to touch-free (germ-free) switches
  • Ada compliant hands free operation
  • Faceplates available with legend or plain (upon request), in three sizes and various finishes
  • Microprocessor-controlled active infrared
  • Automatic self-changing id coding eliminates possible electrical interference
  • Selectable failsafe / failsecure
  • 12v to 24v ac or dc