Braille Door Actuators Open Doors for the Visually Impaired

Braille door actuators open doors visually impairedAs we come and go in our busy lives, we take automatic door openers for granted. If our hands are full, there’s often a capacitive touch door actuator safely opening the door for us so we can effortlessly pass through. However, visually impaired people, particularly those in wheelchairs, don’t always have that option available to them.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), existing facilities must make changes that are “readily achievable” in order to accommodate persons with disabilities and new buildings must be constructed to ADA standards.

ADA-compliant, capacitive touch door actuators solve several issues in terms of ADA compliance for both physically and visually impaired persons.

  1. Maximum required force. Per ADA requirements, doors must be able to be opened easily (with a maximum of five pounds of force.) Installing new doors could be an expensive proposition, so the most economical solution is most likely capacitive touch door openers. An automatic door opener solves the problem of requiring even the slightest amount of force to open a door. While a wide array of capacitive touch door openers is available for persons without visual impairment, until recently, there have been fewer options available with Braille.
  2. Maximum reach range. ADA requirements also state that all controls available for public use (including electrical, mechanical, cabinet, game, and self-service controls are within the maximum reach range of 48”. Mounting Braille capacitive touch door openers within this accessible reach range ensures the accessibility requirements are met for anyone who is visually and/or physically impaired.

Braille door actuators open doors visually impairedAccessibility is key in any building environment, whether it’s a new build or a retrofit of an existing building. Automatic door openers offer not only convenience for everyone who uses the building, but also ensure that it’s welcoming to anyone, regardless of their challenges or impairments.

About MS Sedco

MS Sedco is a family-owned, Indianapolis-based company that produces motion and presence sensors and electromechanical activation switch products for automatic door control, pedestrian and traffic detection and event monitoring. MS Sedco has recently released several versions of mechanical and capacitive touch braille door openers in their NexGen Series, which are available in both wired and wireless options and also in mechanical push plate door actuators. They are available to order worldwide by visiting 

MS Sedco is an industry leader in both the traffic and door industries. Their NexGen Wireless Series of both capacitive touch and touchless door actuators are germ-free and feature the latest advances in infrared sensing technology. Their INTERSECTOR™ Series of motion and presence traffic sensors offers cutting edge technology as well.

For over 35 years, MS Sedco products have assisted in opening tens of thousands of doors worldwide and engineering motion to make traffic safer. For more information, contact MS Sedco.