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Commercial building projects require consideration of numerous regulations, including ADA, local building and fire codes, and public health requirements for hospitals and other sanitary environments. ADA compliant door switches, such as push plate switches and hands-free switches will be required for most commercial building projects.

The selection of hands-free and touch plate switches can be overwhelming, but in essence, the choice comes down to the environment in which the automatic door opener will be used and the state and federal regulations that apply to your project.

Standard push plate switches

Standard push plate switches provide reliable activation of any automatic door. They can be found in square,or round options and are typically offered in variations of brushed stainless steel and blue powder coat finishes. They will mount to either a single or double-gang electrical box. There are also narrow options that will mount directly onto a door jamb. Jamb-style switches will also effectively operate applications such as drive-thru windows. If aesthetics are a concern, these switches can be ordered in various finishes, including bright brass, bronze and stainless (without the blue.)

Vestibule-style push plate switches

Vestibule-style (dual) push plate switches are designed to provide activation for a pair of doors from inside a vestibule. Sometimes called “entrapment” switches, the dual vestibule switch is commonly used to activate one door or the other, preventing the loss of heat from the inside of the building.

Low Profile push plate switches

If you’re installing a push plate in a tight spot, low-profile push plate switches are a good option; they’ll project only ¼” from the wall. This option is often used in narrow corridors or hallways, where there is the possibility of snagging clothing or hitting the push plate with a cart.



Touchless and capacitive door activators

For healthcare facilities, restrooms, clean rooms and other sanitary environments, you may need infrared touchless switches. The touchless switch uses infrared to detect a presence, and will activate entry and exit by simply waving a hand near the sensor. If you currently have mechanical actuators and are looking to convert them to “touchless”, there are retrofit kits available to make that conversion. Alternatively, capacitive touch door activators use digital sensors to activate at the slightest touch.

“Extreme switch” door activators (piezoelectric switches)

For applications such as wet environments or other industrial work spaces that involve chemicals or other contaminants, choose a piezoelectric switch that’s waterproof and has no moving parts. A piezoelectric switch is a pressure sensor that can be used in areas where sparks must be avoided.

Key switches

If your project requires access control but does not need to be hands-free, heavy duty key switches are an option. These can be used to turn an operator or any activation device on and off. They’re also a simple way to provide secure entrance and exit with an automatic door, and are ideal for employee entrances. These types of key switches are also available in combination with push plate switches.


Bollard or post push plate switch mounts

If you need to install self-contained, free-standing push plates, select a bollard or post-mount option. For complete access, bollards are now available with push plates at both the top and the bottom. (These are referred to as “California bollards,” as they were created in response to a 2007 change to the California building code requiring them.) Other states may be adding this requirement in the future, so these two-switch bollards are a great choice for new building projects to avoid the potential need for retrofitting in the future. They’re also available in custom finishes and have a very clean and elegant look.

Wireless activator switches

If your project does not allow for installation of additional wiring, there are microprocessor-controlled, battery-operated wireless options available for most switch products.

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