Active Infrared Sensor Products

You’ve probably seen active infrared sensor products being used to activate or provide safety for an automatic door. Our active infrared sensor products are known as the DH or SSS line of products. We currently offer four models in the DH line of products. The four models we offer in this line are the DH94, DH100-CT, DH400 and the DHR3. The SSS line currently features the SSS-5M1.

The DH94 is an active infrared sensor designed to provide short-range activation for automatic sliding and folding doors. It is commonly used in areas where many different stores may not want the door activated by everyone that walks by, such as a strip mall. The DH100-CT is used for activation on both sides of an automatic sliding door. This product features a test input that can be utilized by some door operators for sensor monitoring. The DH400 is an infrared sensor recommended for use as a safety sensor on the backside of the automatic swinging door. This model’s versatile settings make it ideal for use with various sizes of doors.  The DHR3 is a combination of a microwave motion and active infrared presence sensor. It is commonly used with sliding doors when more advanced activation with the microwave motion is needed, as well as safety protection with the active infrared presence detection.

The SSS-5M1 is a door mounted safety sensor. When mounted on the approach side of a swinging door, the sensor can provide reactivation of the door during the closing cycle. If mounted on the backside of the door, it can provide a safety that moves with the door.

Check out our informative video to learn more about the active infrared sensor products that we offer. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.