The International Symbol of Access Receives a Makeover

Over 45 years ago, the original symbol for accessibility was created. The purpose of this symbol was to designate areas or facilities equipped to support those with physical disabilities. In 2014, the symbol was redesigned significantly, to provide a more modern depiction for those with physical challenges. The new dynamic accessibility symbol was designed to highlight independence and mobility, rather than highlighting it as a sign of disability. Although the new design has yet to be nationally accepted, two states, New York and Connecticut, have embraced its use. New York officially recognized the new symbol in July of 2014, while Connecticut began using the symbol in January 2017. In these states, new signage will include the updated symbol. It is not required to update signage that includes the original accessibility symbol.

To comply with the requirements of these states, MS Sedco began offering the new symbol on our push plate actuators over a year ago. At that time, we referenced the part numbers for the actuators as the “NY” version (59-HSS-NY, for example).If you need additional information regarding the dynamic accessibility symbol or have questions, please contact us.