3 reasons to use an MS Sedco Wireless Door Switch

clearpath_logoAdding ADA compliant actuator switches to an automatic door can be a pain. Tearing out drywall to run wires from the switch to the door control is a painstaking and expensive process. This is why we created the ClearPath™ series of radio control products. When added to our actuator switches, these wireless systems have many benefits you can see here. We have highlighted three of the most common reasons that our customers love the ClearPath™ products below.


1. Selectable Frequencies

Every ClearPath™  device comes with our High Definition Radio Control™ (HDRC™), 300 MHz & 390 MHz frequencies built in. With the extreme number of radio signals prevalent all around us, having multiple frequency options allows you to select the clearest and most reliable connection possible. A convenient selection switch provides the ability to choose between frequencies, based on your location and needs.

Clear Path Family_8093b2. SignalLock™

Ever try to use a door switch, and had to push it multiple times to properly send a signal to the door? With SignalLock™, ClearPath™ products are the most reliable wireless door switches on the market. When an actuator switch is pressed, SignalLock™ instantaneously captures the switch signal and transmits its radio signal for the maximum allowable time under FCC rules. SignalLock™ guarantees that a radio signal is transmitted every time the switch is activated.

3. Extended Battery Life

All ClearPath™ products use power saving circuitry designed to extend battery life. Our products use 50% less battery power, effectively doubling the lifetime of the battery. This means you won’t be constantly replacing batteries. The transmitters operate on standard 9v batteries and are easily accessible within our protective mounting box.


If the ClearPath™ wireless products sound like the perfect solution for your needs, give us a call our fill out the form below. One of our representatives would be happy to discuss all of the available options.

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