Product Support Engineer


Perform in-the-field technical support and support continual product improvement efforts of MS Sedco traffic products.  Phone support, troubleshooting and training for the installation and maintenance of all products, product testing support, managing field-testing for existing and new products.  Work closely with in-house sales and engineering teams as well as MS Sedco distributors and end users.



* BSEET Degree or Equivalent

* Certified IMSA level II Traffic Signal Field Technician

*  Experience with NEMA TS1, TS2, 170/332 Traffic cabinets and related equipment

*  Possess traffic cabinet level troubleshooting skills

*  Experience with traffic detection equipment installation, set up and troubleshooting

*  Experience with field installation and support of traffic signal related systems

*  Good computer skills

*  Write trip and technical reports

*  Strong communication and troubleshooting skills

*  Ability to interact with multiple levels of field personnel

*  Work outdoor, independently or in group setting in all weather, year-round

*  Willingness to travel extensively throughout United States



Send resumes to: [email protected] no phone calls or other inquiries will be accepted without receiving a resume.

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