The NexGen Infrared Touchless Actuator

The NexGen Infrared Touchless actuator is the most recent advancement of the automatic door activation switch. These touchless switches are active infrared devices designed to activate full and low energy automatic doors.

The touchless design makes the actuator ideal for a variety of applications. Common uses might include germ-free environments such as healthcare facilities, clean-room access points, knowing-act ADA access, or as a request-to-exit device.

Featuring the latest advances in infrared sensing technology, the NexGen Infrared actuator is built to be both visually appealing, and durable. The activator switches are slim and require no moving parts. The eye-catching product consists of a four-inch faceplate, bordered by a clear bezel edge that illuminates upon activation. The Infrared Touchless switch is microprocessor controlled, allowing for superior operation in a smaller unit. The switch is also available in a wireless version, which includes a built-in ClearPath Spectrum transceiver which can be paired to the S-COR coordinator. The wireless version eliminates the costly and time-consuming need for running conduit or cable.  

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