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ClearPath™ Spectrum Wireless Radio Control System

The ClearPath™ Spectrum Radio Control Door Activation System provides the most reliable wireless activation of automatic doors available.

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WHAT’S NEW: November 2015

NexGen Series Actuators NexGen actuators are the “next generation” of automatic door activation switches. Available in both  “Touch” and “Touchless” options, the NexGen activation switches combine the latest advances in capacitive and infrared sensing technologies with durable composite plastics, allowing us to create actuators that are both stylish and tough. NexGen activation switches are extremely thin […]
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WHAT’S NEW: October 2015

ClearPath™ Spectrum Series: Radio Control Products The ClearPath™ Spectrum series is our new generation of radio control products. The new S-COR Spectrum Coordinator functions much like a traditional wireless system receiver, while the S-TRX Spectrum transceiver acts as a traditional transmitter. This is where the similarities end. All ClearPath Spectrum products feature 2.4 GHz digital […]
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